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A1 Microwave Group grows - New group structure announced
From 01/04/2017 - To 01/04/2017

Change of group structure


As part of its continued development A1 Microwave Group (“The Group”) has recently acquired a new business and in order to integrate this has re-organised the Group structure.


Manufacturing within the Group continues to be carried out by the current company (company number 09352987) but the company has changed its name from A1 Microwave Limited to JMD Technologies Limited. 


Microwave sales within the Group are carried out by A1 Microwave Group Limited, (company number 049337851).


The VAT number has changed to GB263934385 with effect from 1 April 2017 and this is applicable to both companies.


Both companies are wholly within the Group and ultimate ownership of the Group and the management team remains the same.